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I have used this recipe three times with wonderful results. I have made it once with just Mango and twice with both Mango and Peaches...both delicious and a staple for our winter pleasure. It is a versatile recipe...add more lime juice, cilantro or garlic...add ginger in addition to the garlic...use white wine vinegar...use red peppers, green peppers and more jalepenos if you like it spicier. I will make this every year as soon as the peaches smell like peaches in the store and the mangoes are firm yet with just the right amount of give.

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trasarra June 26, 2012

I found myself with 2 bushels of fresh peaches and having never canned before, no idea really what to do with them. Among my jam and fresh sliced peaches, I created a double batch of this. It is EXCELLENT! Even my 73 year old Portuguese fil loved it! It was so good my husband didn't want me to take any to work to share--he wanted to save it for us. :)

I made mine with the garlic vs. the ginger. I have no complaints with the recipe as is. My fil said it was a bit spicier than he is used to, so if you are sensitive to heat, watch the jalapenos (& seeds). I think this would be lovely on top of some grilled chicken or mixed with some cream cheese to make a super simple dip.

I send a million thank yous to the poster of this recipe...and for Chris who requested a canned version. Thank you!!!

<3 K

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kaysimmy July 17, 2011

I'm making goodies ahead for a girl's weekend so we don't have to spend all our time cooking. Tried this salsa and it is awesome! So far have only tried the bit left over that didn't make a full jar (I got 10 1/2 jars), and it has a lot of heat and great flavor. There were no instructions on seeding the jalapenos, so seeded 2 of the jalapenos and left the seeds in for the other 2. Tried it with the ginger rather than the garlic, might try the garlic in the future; I can picture either variation as tasty. Made according to recipe except only had 2 tablespoons cilantro on hand. Pleased to have gotten some yummy gifts made as well as something wonderful to go with our chicken quesadillas for girls weekend.

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shorewings August 22, 2010

Of all the peach salsa recipes for canning, this one is the best. I didn't really care for it on tortilla chips, but my next door neighbor is absolutely wild for this salsa. He has eaten 4 pints of it already. He doesn't put it on anything, just eats it right out of the jar with a spoon. He noticed that the jalapenos mellowed over time and didn't have quite the kick they had on the first and second jars. So, I would give it 3 stars, but my neighbor would give it 5, so I put down 4.

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chejon September 14, 2014
Peachy Mango Salsa, Canned for Chris!