Peachy Fresh Fruit Salad With a Flourish of Angelica and Mint!

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Recipe by French Tart

This was the first thing I was taught to make at secondary school in Domestic Science! We were all taught to make basic lemon syrup for the fruit salad, a great classic and a standard recipe that I have never forgotten! However, here I have deviated a little and have taken advantage of some excellent local peach syrup instead of the homemade lemon syrup I usually make; and I have garnished the salad with mint and angelica from my herb garden. I have suggested certain fruits to use, but the beauty of a fresh fruit salad is that you can always rustle one up with whatever you have locally and to hand. Serve with fresh pouring cream for a real treat!

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  1. Cut the apples into bite sized pieces and the bananas into slices - then squeeze a little lemon juice on them.
  2. Add the grapes, melon chunks, segmented orange and blackcurrants.
  3. Pour the peach juice over the fruit and leave to stand for at least an hour before serving.
  4. Garnish with fresh mint leaves or sprigs and anglelica leaves. Serve with single pouring cream or yoghurt.

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