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Lovely diet recipe! I used canned peaches and sugar free peach jello. Next time I'll try blending the peaches into the yoghurt then adding the jello to make a smooth fruity dessert! Thanks I'm Pat!

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Shuzbud December 21, 2009

This is a very nice creamy peachy jello! I used a 6oz package of sugar-free peach jello, 2 cans of Splenda sweetened peaches, 16oz of Activia fat free peach yogurt, 1 cup of juice from the peaches and 2 cups of hot water. I let my dissolved gelatin cool off before mixing it. It turns out like a peachy pudding. I skipped the topping. Made for 1-2-3 hit wonders.

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Engrossed October 08, 2007

Loved it! Jello isn't readily available here so I raided my gift supply stash from fellow Zaarite Toni Gifford and chose the pineapple flavour becuase it was the only pale or yellowish coloured falvour and I thought that it would look better than the lime/strawberry etc ones. Good choice, it went quite well I thought. I used whipped cream instead of ricotta for the top layer,as stated as an option and didn't whip the extra juice in, rather after the photo was taken I poured the reserved juice carefully around the set dessert and it was really tasty to eat them together. I used greek yogurt mixed with the jello and the tartness of the yogurt really cuts the sweet flavour of the jello. Please see my rating system: 4 excellent stars for a lovely dessert that was enjoyed very much, and since I only have mostly red/green coloured flavours left in my stash now I think I will experiment with strawberries or raspberries as the fruit next time and see where that leads. Thanks!

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kiwidutch April 19, 2007

I am reviewing this recipe w/o *s as I was unfamiliar w/an ingredient, misinterpreted the intent & had a less than optimum outcome. *9 g sugar-free jelly* was taken literally by me, but is actually a gelatin-like substance that would have *set* my yoghurt mixture in this dessert when the true jelly I used did not. More careful attn to the intro might have helped me work this out. All that said, the dessert flavor was very nice & DH enjoyed it despite the liquid texture. The ricotta cream mix was also thin (not for the same reason) & seemed in need of sweetening ... Splenda maybe? I guess we all have dys & recipes that humble us. Looks like today was my dy to be humbled & I am sorry it involved your recipe. It is tasty, low-cal & low-fat ... so I encourage anyone who may follow me to give this recipe a better try than I managed to do.

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twissis April 04, 2007
Peaches Velvetene