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Loved it. I've fallen in love with sorbets this year (and switching from ice cream to sorbet has really knocked off the pounds). This was the best peach sorbet I've ever had. I didn't peel the peaches, and it created the most gorgeous deep vermillion-colored sorbet ... I also threw in some Triple Sec at the end of the freeze cycle (to help prevent it from freezing too hard), and a few tablespoons of crystallized ginger. Really lovely! Thanks for posting this.

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KLHquilts September 26, 2007

My husband made this with fresh fay elberta peaches. He added a bit of cinnamon and cloves. Absolutely divine...amazing texture and flavor. I'm glad we didn't need to cook the fruit - makes me feel like eating it is almost healthy! (much better than my standard alternatives, either way =) Thank you!

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Peppermint Wind August 14, 2012

I had to resort to frozen peaches since quality fresh peaches are a rarity where I live. I added ground ginger to spice it up a bit and may add cinnamon next time as well. I also used brown rice syrup instead of the corn syrup and 1/4 c agave syrup in place of the sugar (reduced water to 1/4 c) due to dietary restrictions. Very easy, tasty treat!

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Kate4975 May 05, 2008

Fantastic recipe! This is the first time I have ever made sorbet. The tree in my backyard is currently loaded down with peaches and I had to find a recipe to use some of the peaches since the limbs are breaking off. This was quicker and easier than I imagined it would be to make sorbet. I would certainly use this one again. ~If you are a peach lover and want to add even more peachy-ness, try this. Dice 2 - 3 peaches and put them into you ice cream maker after you pour the mix in. If the chucks all go to the bottom while it's freezing it's no big deal since the sorbet is a soft freeze, just give it a good stir after transferring it into your freezer container. :-) Mmmm....

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Tammie83 September 22, 2007
Peach Sorbet