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We loved this pizza! We tried making our own crust using Super Fast Low Fat Pizza Crust 80617, though I probably won't use that crust again next time with this recipe. The blending of flavors in this pizza was fantastic! I really liked the savory flavor that the herbs de provence lent the dish. Like another reviewer, I was not sure how we would like the combination of fruit and meat, but the white peaches that I used blended perfectly with the prosciutto and the goat cheese (which I love). Thanks for a great pizza dish. We will definitely make this again. Made for ZWT5.

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Dr. Jenny May 29, 2009

This pizza is delicious! We added fresh, chopped rosemary leaves and I highly recommend doing so. It went really well with the other ingredients. I also think this would work well with fresh apricots in place of the peaches. Next time, I think we will sprinkle a bit of sea salt all over the pizza. We LOVE this. Thanks so much for posting it!!!

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Paris D August 08, 2013

WOW....even if you think this combination sounds odd, try it!

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FLKeysJen June 13, 2012

This was wonderful! The tangy cheese and sweet fruit go together quite well with posciutto! I used two thin whole wheat pizza crusts, about 10 inches in size. I also added chopped mango and oregano (and a bit of canadian bacon to one of the halves for my meat loving DS) - and now the two pizza's are just a memory. I really enjoyed that this pizza doesn't have a tomato sauce - it kept everything tasting very 'fresh'! Made for ZWT5.

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Brooke the Cook in WI May 27, 2009

We really enjoyed this. Friday night is our "different" pizza night...meaning anything BUT the fast food kind of pizza...and this hits the nail on the head. YUMMY!!!! Loved the sweet and the savory...Thanks Thymestudio!

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Lambkyns August 29, 2008

Unbelievably good. I made this for PAC, and now I know why I do these contests -- I never would have tried this recipe otherwise. And, boy, would I have missed something wonderful! The combination of flavors was really wonderful. My husband loved it even more than I did, and he doesn't like fruit mixed with meat -- he was very skeptical about peaches on pizza. I made my own crust from Super Fast Low Fat Pizza Crust; I threw in a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of herbs de provence so that the curst would better match the toppings. Whole thing was terrific. Thanks so very much for posting this recipe!

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KLHquilts September 09, 2007

Wonderful!!! Made this using fresh peaches from our tree---what a flavorful masterpiece! The Herbes de Provence complimented the peaches, goat cheese and proscuitto perfectly! Would like to try making this pizza in the fall with fruits such as apples or pears, too. Thank you Thymestudio, for sharing this lovely recipe with us. Will be making this one over and over again!

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BecR August 18, 2007

This is an outstanding pizza! The summer fresh flavors are very subtle. The colors are beautiful: the peach had a rose blush which complemented the deep rose of the prosciutto; the fresh, green herbs were bright and lovely, too. The flavor, though, is just wonderful, and I will make this many times! Thanks!

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Mme M July 08, 2007

So yummy and so different!!! I had to unfortunately cheat a little bit...I'm not really a meat eater ...I thought about substituting the prosciutto with something but decide to give it a go with just the peaches, cheese and seasoning and see what happened!?! *I loved it!!!* It was a wonderful combination of flavors, and a whole new take on a fruit/cheese/bread type of meal/snack that my husband and I like to enjoy (carpet picnics!!) ...I used a few pinches of sea salt & mixed coarse peppers with the olive oil and basted it over a "Pillsbury" ready made pizza crust. I winged it by making my own take on herbs de'provence...mixing my own assorted thyme, basil, rosemary, sage, fennel...crushing them as fine as I could. The results were a wonderful surprise...I thought I would like it but I LOVED it!! I think that Tymestudio has come up with a very special, original and clever idea here!!! My husband loved it too...he wants me to make it ASAP with the prosciutto and even suggested we try thinly sliced smoked salmon (?!? -maybe)(the saltiness of some meat flavor would most likely give it another whole layer of flavor). The way I did it today was perfectly wonderful for me!! So glad to discover this hidden gem at the tail end of the ZWT3 - THANKS TYMESTUDIO!!

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free-free July 07, 2007
Peach, Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Summer Pizza