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We enjoyed these scones for breakfast this morning with a cup of tea. I used frozen peaches (thawed) but used a peach jam from a local peach orchard. I did cut the recipe in half in order to fit the dough ingredients in my standard-sized food processor. I had no trouble with the dough coming together. I used a tri-fold on the dough rather than just folding in half and then baked a few minutes longer to ensure the centers were cooked through (covering with foil when they became golden brown). I got 8 "normal" sized scones even though I made only half the recipe. I do think next time I may chop the peach segments into smaller bit-sized pieces. Very tasty. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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swissms October 29, 2011

I think that this recipe is very easy and delicious! It is a hit with my family. My processor is not a large one, so I just cut the recipe in half. I also have mixed it half / half, then combined it all together on my counter. Both ways work very well. YUMM!

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kittikatkrazee May 17, 2007

These scones tasted fine but they were not spectacular. The dough is difficult to work with and nearly impossible to make in a food processor as stated in the recipe. I have an 11-cup capacity Cuisinart (not a giant but certainly not small potatoes either) and it was overflowing so I ended up dumping the whole mess in my large mixer instead for the buttermilk addition. Even that was very full and the dough was incredibly sticky so I ended up adding about 1/2 cup of additional flour. I would imagine a commercial food processor could do it or you could half the recipe. I cut the scones into smaller triangles since I was taking them to a meeting and they were still very large. They also opened up (like turnovers almost) in the oven and were not very attractive. But, again, they tasted ok and everyone at my meeting liked them. I don't think I would make them again though. I will probably stick to my regular scone recipe (Paula Deen's) and just add peaches and peach jam to the mix.

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MandyMershon July 26, 2006

These make humongous scones! My dad couldn't even finish a whole one, and he's a big boy. They were sooo good though! Prob the best scones I ever had...

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al-myster July 02, 2005

Simply fabulous! I made these with a dear friend in Gig Harbor, Washington and we ate them with delicious northwest coffee while gazing at Mt. Rainier looming in the morning sun! Does it get any better?

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jgrotenhuis February 26, 2010
Peach Jam Scones