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Boy oh boy. First, I didn't read the recipe carefully. It just looked so simple, I didn't think it through. I've never made jam or anything similar. So, first mistake, I used peaches that weren't quite ripe. I realized my mistake when I realized they should be 'mashable'. lol I decided to microwave my 'diced peaches' a little bit (with some sugar and a sprinkling of water) to soften them. It was taking longer than I thought, and I started to question the logic of what I was doing, so I stopped and put them in the pot and continued on with the recipe (with diced, slightly microwaved peaches). I was waiting for the contents in the pot to gel, when I told myself, "I just need to start over another day with ripe peaches. This isn't going to work." Then I got a 'wild hair' and remembered the gelatin powder in my cupboard. Oh yeah. [i]That'll[/i] make it gel. I threw a little in and some dissolved; some clumped. I spooned out what clumped and set the pot aside, off the heat, (thinking, What am I doing?!) and I went about doing other things for about an hour. When I came back to clean up my mess, it didn't look very attractive, but I decided to taste it to see what my madness had done. To my amazement, it tasted like Gummy Bears. Fresh, not like some stale ones I've tasted. And peach, of course. I have no clue what a person would do from that point, because they were in a fair amount of gooey liquid, and I've never made candy. So, there you have it. Kind of like the "Bad News Bears" in the kitchen. I'm really not that awful, but you wouldn't have known by last night's fiasco. LOL I have to give no less than a five-star rating. For all the abuse this recipe took from me to still have a good flavor, I just know I will have [b]'Peach Jam'[/b] next time! :)

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GinnyP October 02, 2002

This was a pretty good recipe. Tasted really good, but it didn't really jell as hard as it should have. It turned out more like really thick peach syrup than jam, but very good none the less.

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yibbityibbit June 24, 2003

Loved it on a peanut butter sandwich! Freezes well.

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Mami J September 18, 2008

I agree, the jam did not thicken as much as I would like, but I believe a little more time on the stovetop would have solved that problem. It was very good and I am using it on my PB&J's. This is the first recipe I came across that did not call for lemon juice, which I am allergic to.

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Amy1214 September 26, 2003
Peach Jam