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This is one of the easiest and best recipes that it my honor to have in my book. The family thinks that I stood over a stove for an entire day. Little do they know.

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John Somers August 23, 2002

Couldn't have been simpler! A few months ago, I was given a TON of peaches. I peeled, sliced, and froze 7 quarts of them. When I ran across this recipe, I thawed and drained them. I used 12 Cups of thawed peaches, 4 Cups of sugar, and 3 1/2 tsp. of lemon juice. I followed the directions as written. I canned them all in 1 cup jam jars, and have been enjoying it on toast and even figured out a sweet and sour sauce we love with it! Thanks! I'm sure I'll be making more next summer.

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Lynn 2574 October 11, 2007

Great and easy way to use up peaches. Had trouble getting it up to temperature. Added 2 more tablespoons of lemon juice. Thermometer still did not seem to be rising high enough, but the sheeting test indicated it was ready. Did not process sealed jars in a water bath, as my (very old) BH&G canning book said it is not necessary. Just turn jars upside down for several seconds before setting them to cool. I will use this recipe whenever I want to make peach jam. Thanks!

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Holly Potter July 09, 2012

This was one of two recipes I tried my first time out canning anything. Super easy! After reading reviews, I did add 1/2 an envelope of pectin to the recipe, which helped, especially since I cut the sugar called for. I only used 3 lbs of peaches and cut the sugar to 2 1/2 cups, which was plenty sweet for me. I really liked this recipe and had so much fun with my first canning experience, I'm trying to think of more things to do!

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Jmommy209 June 21, 2010

I loved this recipe. Very simple .. I did decrease the sugar amount to 3 cups, 2 cups and one batch I made with splenda for my diabetic Father. They all turned out wonderful. My favorite was making with 2 cups sugar. Peaches are so sweet to begin with and this recipe just lets that natural flavor come through. Thank you!

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linnylouise December 02, 2009

This never jelled for me - wah. I had added a few more peaches and I thought the right amount of sugar, but I boiled it for more than an hour and it stayed at 200 degrees F. I finally gave up and added 1/2 t. cinnamon and 1/4 t. nutmeg along with 1 t. vanilla, canned it (my first attempt at canning, fun, but time consuming!) and labeled it "Harvest Peach Jam* (*/syrup). It's *almost* jam consistency but not quite. Also, maybe I'm just a lazy cook but this was not a quick and easy recipe, it probably took me 4 hours from start to finish, not including the 1 hour sitting time! Oh, definitely boil the peaches for 1 - 2 minutes then cool in ice water before peeling. Helps a ton. I may try this again someday... hope to have a better result!

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karenrae August 24, 2009

Excellent recipe!!! Was very easy to make and it turned out great. I used splenda instead of sugar and it worked just fine.

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andlynch06 July 21, 2008

When I find a recipe that is this easy, yet yields such great results, I have to give it a 5 star. I found it very helpful to have a time frame included for the jam to reach the gel point. I also like the fact that I could probably scale this recipe up or down a bit quite easily (unlike pectin recipes where you have to use *exactly* the quantities they tell you to).

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incdeb August 29, 2004

Two words, Di: "YOU ROCK!" I'm always looking for a good non-pectin jam recipe (I make a lot of jam and the price of pectin kills me). However, when recipes just state "cook to jell point" I get nervous. I've made both fruit "syrup" and fruit "paste" because I either didn't cook the jam long enough or I cooked it too long. :sigh: This recipe dares to give a set time and my jam came out PERFECT. Oh! and I also loved that this recipe calls for twice as much fruit as it does sugar (unlike pectin recipes which have more sugar than fruit). I can actually taste more peach then sugar. Yeah for Di!

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BothFex August 12, 2003

I found this recipe by chance and am so glad I did. I made 2 batches today and it was so easy. My first batch took about and hour to cook and only a little bit of foam on top and the second took about 45 minutes and a lot more foam. The worst thing about this recipe is the prep of the peaches. It is so delicious. Can't wait to share it with my family.

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manderson1128 September 15, 2015
Peach Jam