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I had to make this twice to get it right. Initially, I cooked it on HIGH for 10 minutes as stated in the recipe. However, when I checked at the end of 10 minutes, the peach butter was more juicy than thick. You can say it was of dropping consistency, maybe even a little more watery/flowing-type. That's when I cooked it on HIGH for another 10 minutes. Then, when I transferred it to a clean bowl and allowed it to cool, I noticed that within 30 minutes, it had turned quite hard. That was a big dissapointment, ofcourse. However, today when I checked it, it is still eatable and REALLY YUMMY. The taste of green cardamom stands out fantastically in this recipe. This will make an awesome food gift. Lucky are those who have gardens of peach trees- such a joy it would be to make this. My house smelt very peachey while this was cooking. What I have learnt from this recipe and with the help of Chefs Lennie and Ann Teapot on the Cooking Q & A board is that it is better to allow this to cook for 10 minutes rather than for 20 like I did because as the butter cools, it starts getting harder and then it's really not possible to make it softer. Ofcourse you can still eat it, and let me ASSURE you, it is SO YUMMY, but it would be still better to keep this to cook for 10 minutes ONLY as per the recipe. In that way, as it cools, it will harden, but not rock hard like if done for 20 minutes and then cooled. Thanks for posting this recipe! A REAL WONDERFUL Keeper!

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Charishma_Ramchandani October 13, 2003
Peach Butter with Cardamom