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This is not only a good winter soup, it's a good summer soup too, because it kept my kitchen cool and we had a delicious, simple meal. I followed Derf's instructions exactly, and only adjusted the seasoning by adding a tiny bit of cayenne pepper to the pot. At first I was concerned that there wasn't enough broth to completely cover the peas, and added a little more. It was a mistake; the amount that Derf listed would have been perfect. Mine was a bit thinner than we would have liked, but the soup was delicious and the flavor was terrific. Pea soup is good anytime.

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Geema June 07, 2003

Great! I too used turkey kielbasa. I used 6 Cups of broth, and used fresh marjoram instead of dried. This was very good and very easy. My husband loved it, and with the turkey kielbasa, it's much less fattening than the traditional ham bone version. Will be making this again and again!

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Nanners January 11, 2009

This is great! I used 6c stock, 4 ribs celery, 4 carrots, and turkey kielbasa. Also, I cooked it on low for 6 hours. (I added the extra veggies just to use them up before they spoiled).

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mle234 October 25, 2008

This was easy and tasty for a wet, dreary day (in August!) served with homemade bread. I did end up adding more broth near the end of the cooking time, because it was too thick.

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Outta Here August 19, 2007

I prefer pea soup with bacon or ham, but this probably is a healthier alternative and tasty too.

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berry271 May 22, 2012

This was very much enjoyed by my husband. I have to dispute the liquid amount, though--and the cooking time! I had to add about 1 1/2 cups water b/c the peas had absorbed most of the broth about halfway thru cooking time--added water & turned up the temp to high to get those peas to cook! It eventually worked out, but next time will add that water, and then I think the cooking time of 5 hours on low should be sufficient. I also used turkey kielbasa, which hubby very much enjoyed. I also added salt, black pepper & used oregano & thyme for the marjoram. Thanks for such a flavorful recipe!

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LUVMY2BOYS October 01, 2011

Another winner as usual Derf!! I used turkey kielbasa as that is what I had. No celery (allergy). SUPER yummy. I also used stock, I don't have canned broth. Needed about another cup of liquid. I cooked mine on hi for 4 hours. Kids loved it. This didn't make as much as I was expecting (no leftovers) but it was well worth the effort (LOL). THANK YOU!!!! UPDATE July 10, 2008: We had this for dinner tonight, and had the in-laws and Aunt over too. I used 8 oz. of bulk italian sausage, again no celery, and carmelized the onions with the sausage as I browned it. My sausage was frozen, so I cut it into cubes and then browned it, this was great! One of my daughters had 4 bowls! Again, this does not make a lot, but is so yummy!!! UPDATE DEC. 28, 2008: Well this time we made it with Sinai sausage from Costco, I just cut it into little cubes. VERY yummy!! My BIL liked it alot too! This is so far our favorite pea soup recipe!!

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razzintaz January 03, 2009

LOVED this recipe! SO easy and healthy! Have to admit, put more water in too! But that was BEFORE I read recipe properly too! Not a problem, was for me for today! Added 3 small potatoes, 2 cans drained butter beans...this recipe is here to STAY! JUST a note too...if using chicken stock cubes, have to mind extra salt in dish too! Used 3 Spanish sausage....came out GREAT! Finding this recipe must have been fate! THANKS!

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mickeydownunder January 06, 2008
Pea Soup With Sausage - Crock Pot