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Went back and forth on how to best rate this. Ultimately, I decided to give this the full five stars because while I had dificulty with the recipe, the results were just superb. The flavors were fragrant and complex with all of the wonderful spices playing together in harmony - rather than one dominating the other. For others who will make this, and you should, it's fairly important to cut the potatos relatively small. I had to add close to an additional cup of broth during the cooking time to prevent this from drying out waiting for the carrots and potatoes to cook. This left my peas a little overcooked. Another option would be to add the peas about 10 or 15 minutes into the simmering time. I was also a little unclear if the tomato soup was in concentrated or reconstituted form -- ultimately I chose the later. Did not thicken the sauce with cornstarch at the end as it seem unneccesary. Served mine with Bunny Mom's Bulgar Pilav which match quite nicely soaking up the wonderful curry gravy. Thanks Love!

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justcallmetoni September 12, 2005
Pea Curry With Carrots and Potatoes