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This is one of my favorites! I use canned "no added sugar" apple pie filling. Yum! Also good in a wrap with some cream cheese or cottage cheese added.

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yogiclarebear April 22, 2007

An interesting sandwich. I have had grilled PB&J sandwiches in the past, but hadn't considered the addition of apples. I used a multi-grain bread, an all natural peanut butter, homemade chokecherry jelly (not sugar-free, but soooo good), and a Granny Smith apple. I cut the cinnamon back to just a sprinkle and omitted the allspice and ginger. A full teaspoon of the cinnamon would have been far to bitter for my taste, and I feared that the other spices would have also seemed overpowering. I slathered the outside of the sandwich with butter and grilled. I like the crispy bread, the creamy, melted peanut butter and the contrast of tart apples and sweet jelly. I would omit the spices in the future.

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Ms B. February 21, 2005
PB, J, & A Sandwich