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Missy Wombat it seems you are offended by the recipes name, I too have been making pavlovas since childhood and yes some of those recipes contain the ingredients you mentioned, this recipe (printed in an Australian cookbook) is my familys favourite pavlova recipe, hence why I included it on 'Zaar, in the book it was thus named Pavlova so I kept the name. Sorry to any future people if that name is incorrect. Whatever the name, its delicious! Eve

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Evie* December 29, 2002

If you have never tried a pavlova, or even if you have, this is the recipe to try. Crisp on the outside, soft and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside, and with those lashings of cream and fruit, it is absolute heaven. Aren't you glad New Zealanders thought up such a culinary delight? Believe me, you haven't lived until you've tried this. And what could be easier?

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Marc June 16, 2001

WOW! This was a really easy recipe to follow. I didn't get to taste it (I don't eat eggs" but everyone loved the results of this Pavlova. Made it for my daughters seven year old birthday gathering. I didn't get "garnish" it with strawberries and kiwi fruit, but freshly picked blackberries. Thank you so much for posting your recipe Evie*

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Chef floWer May 10, 2010

Wow! I am a cook and not a baker, so nobody expects me to make desserts. However, I was looking for something unique for 4th of July that would be fun to make with the kids, and this recipe sure did deliver. Although my meringue collapsed a little, it still looked beautiful (see photo). I mixed sliced bananas in a little lemon juice to prevent browning and then put them in a circle on top of the cream. I then put raspberry sauce inside the circle, topped with blueberries, one strawberry in the center and then dusted with powdered sugar. Voila! A gorgeous 4th of July treat. Thanks so much, Evie, for sharing this recipe!

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2hot2handle July 06, 2009

Yummo! Just THE best pavlova recipe ever!! I was lucky today and found blueberries, raspberries and blackberries on special...added strawberries and kiwis and wow..what a great pavlova. We especially liked this one as it didn't leave a heap of uncooked meringue. Great recipe, thanks Evie!!!

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Fairy Nuff December 13, 2008

My nephew is allergic to wheat and wheat products, so it seems the only dessert he gets is pudding or jello. I decided to make this for his birthday "cake" - I used food coloring to "paint" the outside so as to appear frosted. What a HIT!! I've never had a Pavlova before, but I can guarantee we'll be having it quite a bit! Thank you for such a simple, easy, YUMMY dessert!

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CristyLyn October 14, 2006

Oh my, Evie---my first pavlova, and I am hooked! I just cannot believe a few simple ingredients can result in such a heavenly dessert. I followed your directions exactly, except I did turn the oven temperature down a bit during baking as I thought it may be browning too quickly. I think it would have been fine to leave it, though--I was just nervous since this was my first experience with pavlova. I didn't have caster sugar, so I ran granulated sugar through the food processor to get it a little finer. I was tempted to add a little sugar to the whipped cream, but am glad I didn't as the simple, unsweetened cream helped offset the sweetness of the pavlova. I am so excited about this recipe and the options running through my head--I think next I will try small, individual pavlovas. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

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GaylaJ January 27, 2006

I absolutely love the taste and the texture of this pavlova - crunchy on the outside with some chewy marshmellow-like texture, and soft melt-in-the-mouth kinda texture on the inside. Heaven! However, my pavlova deflated once it has been cooled down :( Any idea how this happened? Nonetheless, 5 stars for this recipe :)

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gaiia December 19, 2011

Very happy with this recipe. I really was attracted to it as several reviewers said they had success with this when they hadn't with authentic pavlova recipes. So with one failed attempt under my belt I thought this should be perfect for me. I doubled the recipe as I had 8 egg whites leftover from a batch of ice cream. But I seem to have the same yield, from looking at most of the pictures. Other change I made was using unaltered white sugar since I didn't have and caster sugar. I had no problems with removing the baking paper. Just a small layer in patches that was left on the paper. It was perfect to me in comparison to all the other pavs I've had in that it wasn't too sweet and was just crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside! I don't normally like pavlova because most of them I've had were crispy through most of it and are sickingly sweet. Thanks Evie, this will be my 'Pavlova' recipe of choice from now on, for the family recipe box!

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YnkyGrlDwndr April 10, 2010