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Great pavlova. I agree with DoubletheGarlic though in regards to the cooking time. I always bake mine at around 130'C. for about 1hour. Works pretty well. Pre heating the oven to 180'C and then turning it off and leaving in the oven to cook would probably work too. DO NOT COOK at 180'C for 90 minutes, it will burn and be revolting.

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Aussienana April 04, 2013

I chose this particular pavlova recipe as it is almost identical to my MIL's (she uses just 1 t. vinegar) and I was serving them tonight. But your cooking method is quite different ... and this gave me hope for success this time! I was so hopeful when the batter was thick and white and glossy -- PERFECT looking ... until I baked it. It burned. I mean, brown through and through, and pretty flat. :-( [OK -- I've just looked up 5 other Pavlova recipes here, and they are all baked at lower temps and/or for less time. Also my MIL's method is to reduce the 180C temp to 120C after the first 10 min..] I think this recipe is fundamentally 5-star, but the baking time or temp NEEDS adjusting. Or perhaps it's just the way it's written. Did you mean to preheat to 180C, insert the pavlova, turn OFF the oven and let it cool down to room temp over the course of 90 min? Oi veh!

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DoubletheGarlic October 08, 2011

Simple easy to use recipe.... even if there is disputes between us Aussies and our Kiwi firends over who actually invented it. I've never successfully frozen a pavlova so if its your first time, I wouldnt recomend it. In the absence of cornflour I substituted with an extra teaspoon of vinegar, the results were equaly impressive!!

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whitewings 33 March 23, 2009