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This was a HIT this morning!!! It wasn't too sweet and was so fast and easy to make! If maple syrup were cheaper, I'd make it every weekend! I used day old store-bought French bread, cut into 15 slices. I layered it a 9x13 glass casserole dish (3 rows of 5 slices). I added a tsp of vanilla and some cinnamon and nutmeg (eyeballed the amount) into the egg mixture. Instead of 2 cups of pecans, I cut it down to 1/2 cup and it was the perfect amount. I posted a picture of my casserole to show how I layered it. I would have liked to garnish it with powdered sugar. I served this with sausage patties and fresh sliced strawberries. This is a keeper! Thank you!

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aznbbdoll April 05, 2010

I only had enough bread to make a half recipe, and since I didn't have a small enough casserole dish, I crumbled the bread into the batter and spooned the mixture into well-greased muffin tins. I filled the cups 2/3 full with the batter, then divided the topping among them. Half a batch makes about 8-10 muffins, and the cooking time is around 35-40 minutes.

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Chef Jean Louise April 07, 2009

Excellent flavor. The texture is just right. I actually skipped the topping cause I couldn't bring myself to pile on the butter like that,(though I'm sure it's fabulous!) but it still tasted great with a little maple syrup on top. Thanks for posting!

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Laura in Texas May 20, 2005

My Family does a HUGE Christmas Brunch instead of Dinner every year. Last year, I watched Paula Deen do this recipe on The Chew. Decided it looked delicious, so made it for the Brunch. It was a HUGE hit and have already recieved multiple requests for this year. It's Amazing as is. Don't fear the Butter or Pecans they are perfect As Is!

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James L. November 18, 2015

Aznbbdoll , Easy to make your own maple syrup.<br/>Just water, sugar and maple flavoring.<br/>Cheaper than purchasing maple syrup.

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Normastu October 14, 2013

Excellent recipe. Served with cream on top- yum!

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Chef de Sucre March 03, 2013

My daughter made this for a brunch and I enjoyed it. She gave me the recipe to take home. It took me awhile before I decided to make it. I remember I wasn't too pleased with the sliced french bread...so i cubed my french bread and followed the directions as stated in the recipe. (day old bread works better than fresh) This is fantastic for breakfast. My DSO and I get 3 days worth of breakfasts out of this. It is rich, but we don't need anything over it such as maple syrup. Terrific as is. Thanks for the recipe Barb

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frostyprecious January 25, 2013

I'm a bit unsure of this dish...I made it by the recipe except I used 1 cup of walnuts instead of pecans and added a bit of vanilla to it. It smelled amazing and looked beautiful...that is about the only great thing about it. I It baked hard on top, and soggy on the bottom. It was also far too sweet as well. I thought maybe I did something wrong but I think it is lacking some ingredients, has a far too much sugar in it, and the baking instructions are also a bit off(maybe cover with foil?). This is labeled as a Paula Deen recipe but couldn't find this exact recipe to compare on her website. Needless to say I was quite disappointed but I do see the potential in this recipe...its just not at a 5 stars yet.

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sdoust February 09, 2012

Way too many pecans, but delicious!

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Bstgirl May 01, 2011

Yum, Yum, Yum! This was really good. I only made 3 slices for myself and layered them in a small glass pan. Pieces that overlapped each other did not get brown and crispy, still good though. Next time I'll put them in a larger pan where each piece will lay flat separately. I followed recipe exactly as written and would not change a thing; no need to try improving on something that doesn't need improving. I will be making this over and over again. Thanks for posting.

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Catnip46 March 20, 2011
Paula Deen's Praline French Toast Casserole