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I made two batches of this recipe with my Dutch oven and wisk to stir. The 1st batch I made as is written. It turned out smooth rich tasting fudge. The 2nd batch I made as is written but adding 2 tablespoons brown sugar along with the white,1/4 cup creamy peanut butter,1/2 chopped walnuts and added a few extra marshmallows and whipped it with my wisk till it was smooth and creamy. Maybe took a full minute to mix after the cooking milk,sugar,butter part. This made some of the BEST peanut butter chocolate frosting for my cake. Thanks! Yum.

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sweetp January 05, 2010

I agree with some of the other reviewers that it takes significantly longer to make than the 5 minutes mentioned in the title. But the finished product tastes just fine! I didn't notice a grainy texture at all. FUDGE HINT: Don't use stale marshmallows! It makes the mixture veeerry hard to stir, and the fudge comes out very chewy, not melty. Thanks for the recipe, FarahC!

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smileanja December 21, 2009

I don't understand why some people were finding it so difficult to stir. I thought it was very easy, and very quick! It took me about 7 or 8 minutes to stir everything.....from the sugar mixture until the end when I dumped in the nuts. Then I poured it into an 8x8 glass dish, put in the fridge and that was it. Absolute total time, from start to finish...maybe 10 or 12 minutes. And the end result was fantastic. This one's a keeper!

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purplereign12010 September 30, 2015

Even though I was not fooled by the "FIVE MINUTE" title, I still dislike this recipe and have had better fudge. If you missed your upper body workout today, this recipe is for you. Otherwise, go with a marshmallow creme ingredient fudge recipe. If you still insist, go with miniature marshmallows, not large ones. I think this recipe is grainy because it uses marshmallows, no matter if they are fresh or stale.

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Barbara T. December 21, 2014

I did not like this recipe at all. I followed all the directions and put it in the fridge to set and it never set. 4 days later it was still soft. I tried another batch to see if it was something I had done and same thing, it didn't set even after 4 days. NEVER TRYING THIS RECIPE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Brittney G. November 10, 2014

This is the absolute best fudge ever! It is foolproof if you follow the directions exactly.<br/>It is not one bit gritty like some reviewers have suggested. You need only make sure you cook it for the full five minutes after it comes to a boil. Delicious! No other recipe for me! This is the best!

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roses20 February 12, 2014

Decided to try this recipe to add to my Christmas cookie collection that I will be giving out this weekend. This was my first time trying homemade fudge since watching my mother make it a long time ago. It came out fantastic! Loved it. The only thing I will be doing different is doubling the recipe so that it comes out thicker in the 8X8 pan, as another reviewer commented. Thanks!

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David H. December 20, 2013

I found this recipe to be quick, and I times the boiling for five minutes. I did not use a candy thermometer, so I am not sure I understand the comments about it taking longer. Maybe they meant the entire recipe took longer than 5 minutes? Anyway, if you use an 8-inch square pan like I did, the fudge is pretty thin. I made two batches and although it tastes okay, I found the texture to be a bit grainy and not ultra smooth as I expected. It will still get eaten, no doubt! But I am not going to save this recipe for future use. The Kraft marshmallow creme fudge recipe is much more to my liking.

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CatdaBrat December 11, 2013

OMG I love this! I've tried making fudge in the past and it ALWAYS turned out too grainy. I followed the directions to a T (with a few minor changes). When the sugar/milk started to boil I lowered the temp just a little and set my kitchen timer to 5 minutes and stirred the mixture with a whisk. When the timer went off I added the chocolate chips a few at a time and stirred until they were melted. The chocolate chips melted within a minute or two with constant stirring. I used a half of a bag of mini marshmallows and stirred them in while they were still over the heat. As the marshmallows were pretty stale, it took a bit of effort to stir them in, but they were completely melted within a minute or two also. Instead of lining the pan with paper, I just brushed it lightly with butter and everything came out easily. My husband LOVES this!

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Nefertiti1334 July 09, 2013
Paula Deen's 5 Minute Fudge