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A simple and very filling tomato soup. I made the full quantity and the DM and I had it for lunch. The one aspect I wasn't keen on but which the DM loved was the big chunks of soft bread (I would have preferred crunchy croutons) but a lot of the bread had broken down giving it its thick texture. I used fresh basil leaves and half a small wholemeal baquette cut into large cubes (next time I would cut some smaller so they break down more. Thank you TraceyMay, made for Recipe Swap #44 September 2010.

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I'mPat September 29, 2010

I made the soup as directed and it was basically good, The pot reduced to four servings and DH enjoyed his but I didn't care for the tangy taste as it was such a contrast to the tomato cream soups we're used to! When the GD came home from school and had her bowl she was as iffy as I had been. I'll have to make this a few times more to give it an honest rating, so please understand that for now, I'm not adding a stars to my review. Made for RS#44.

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Julie B's Hive September 08, 2010
Pat's Tomato Bread Soup