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This review is for the wings only, which are soooo good. I dip my chicken in hot sauce as I eat it so it stays crunchy. BTW, my copy of the same recipe calls for 3 lbs of wings.

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kitchenslave03 May 17, 2012

LOVED these wings! I saw the neely's make these on their show and I just had to try them. They have rave reviews on food network and I see why. The only thing is the original recipe states 12 whole chicken wings instead of the 6 thats listed here. So after your wings are cut up, this full recipe will make 24 wings. It is just my bf and I, so I made half the recipe and it was just the perfect amount of spices and batter for the 12 wings. They had a nice spice to them but wasnt too spicy. I think it all depends on how fresh your pepper flakes are. The fresher quality, the spicier! I didnt make the sauce just because I prefer blue cheese to dip my wings in. I have a bigger deep fryer, it holds a gallon of oil, so I was able to throw all 12 wings in the fryer at once to cook. If you have a smaller one then you will have to do a couple batches at a time. These are so versatile that you could make a big batch of them for a party, serve some plain and serve some with different sauces on them, like maybe a sweet and spicy sauce and then just your regular hot wing sauce on the others. So then you would have 3 different flavors to choose from but still using this great recipe! I cant wait to make them again!

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*pink* May 05, 2009

These turned out great! We followed the recipe with a few changes: I didn't have poultry seasoning so I made my own. Instead of cooking the wings 3 per batch, we did 6 per batch. We cooked each batch for exactly 10 minutes each and we kept the finished wings warm in the oven (200) on a paper towel-lined baking sheet. The only changes I might try in the future would be to double the amount of hot sauce in the batter coating - I didn't really taste any heat, but my DH suggested I just add more hot sauce to the dipping sauce b/c he liked them just as they are. I look forward to making them again.

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CA.TN February 01, 2009

This was a very easy recipe! I have never made wings before and thought this was a perfect one to start out with. I did not have any poultry seasoning so left it out. I also did not make the dipping sauce (personal preference)! Next time I might not coat them as thick. Thanks for the great recipe!!

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*kels* March 10, 2008

When i first read this recipe i was afraid that it was going to be too hot. I used some nuggets from a couple of breast pieces i had thawed and they turned out wonderful. Spicy but not painfully so.

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Ackos February 17, 2008
Pat's Spicy Fried Wings