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Very good. Used NY Strips and Cavenders Greek Seasoning in the meat and a hint in the gravy. Dont care for egg noodles so I used Penne. It turned out AMAZING!

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Chef Puddlez December 28, 2014

Made this with some sirloin roast that I cut into smaller pieces for this recipe and for another! Made a little more figure friendly by pouring off the oil used to brown the meat but kept the bits at the bottom. It did not need any additional salt and I didn't use kitchen bouquet bc I didn't have any. Then I was a good girl and followed the rest of the directions! Served over egg noodles and with a salad and some homemade yeast rolls. DH is a happy man! Thank you Pat! Your recipes never fail to please!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) November 16, 2011

Wow!!! Yum! Okay, I used what I had on had and it was a cheaper cut of meat, so I rearranged the four important considerations and lost out on "fast", but it was worth it! The sauce was delicious, and the family was lucky there was any left by the time I served dinner! :) Since I used a cheaper (tougher) cut of meat, I put the meat back in at the beginning of step 5, and let it simmer for quite a while and it got reasonably tender, and I also used fresh mushrooms since I had to let it simmer a while. Obviously it would be even better with the NY strip steaks, but it was pretty darn good anyhow! We all loved it, and my 7 year-old proclaimed it 5 stars on his first bite! Thanks, Bone Man!! I will definitely make this one again!!

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TnuSami April 28, 2007

Wow, this was so good. Couldn't have been easier or tasted better and it looked fabulous, guest worthy for sure. I used fresh mushrooms sauteed in advance. I splurged with the new york cut and am happy I did and really wouldn't do it any other way. I served it over buttered egg noodles and peas with crusty bread. The gravy was a perfect thickness. I followed your recipe to a 'T' and would do so again. My husband thinks it would also be great with venison loin, might have to try that if he brings home that deer this month. Thanks Pat!

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HeidiSue December 07, 2006
Patrick's Fast and Delicious Beefsteak Tips and Noodles