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I used Lite Firm Silken Tofu for this, regular cream cheese and an extra 1/2 banana. It's very good, but not as solid and thick as regular cream pies. I don't think you'd fool any hard core tofu haters. The pineapple and nuts are what really make this pie! I also added some flaked coconut on top which was perfect for this. Next time I'll try mixing some coconut through the tofu to thicken it a bit. I'd also like to try this method with mango and see what happens! Thanks Lennie!

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Nikoma September 12, 2008

I made this and it got rave reviews. Very easy, worth noting that the 2hr prep includes the time it takes to chill. Actual mixing time-- 5 minutes tops. The only hard part is tracking down the ingredients (tofutti makes a soy cream cheese) I did modify it by adding an extra banana. I've made it twice, because everyone loved the first batch and finished it off and asked that I make another the next day. Enjoyed not just by my dairy-intolerant sister.

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landchild2055 August 02, 2006
Patricia Greenburg's Dairy-free Tropical Banana Cream Pie