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I love patés and I love pistachio nuts, so I was immediately drawn to this recipe! The only substitution I made was to use ground veal instead of ground beef, simply because my butcher always has such fabulous quality ground veal/pork. I took the option of using cranberry juice and I added a couple more cloves of garlic and slightly more sage than was specified. chia’s instructions were easy to follow: always a plus. Instead of using a single loaf pan, I used a muffin pan, and 2 small ramekins, an idea I had picked up from CountryLady’s Meat Loaf Muffins Meatloaf Muffins. I ended up with 14 pistachio nut ‘muffins’. Knowing that I needed to also alter the cooking time, I was guided by CountryLady’s instructions and several reviewers. My pistachio nut ‘muffins’ were in the oven for about 35 minutes, but cooking times will vary with different ovens of course. So I ended up with 14 little patés! Most destined for the freezer! They smell and taste divine! I haven’t eaten them cold yet: they are only just out of the oven! But from my experience of meatloaves, they’ll taste great. And will be able to be enjoyed on several occasions. A beautiful blend of flavours: just read through the ingredients! How this recipe has failed to be reviewed since it was first posted in January 2003 amazes me! Try it: you won’t be disappointed! And thank you chia for a wonderful recipe I shall be making again!

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bluemoon downunder June 08, 2005
pate w/pistachio nuts