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To cut down considerably on the amount of oil, I used a sauce pan that was only about 8" diameter on the bottom and added 1/2" of oil. Followed the recipe as indicated except for Step #6 the plantains were pressed lightly just until you feel them "give". If you press firmly, you end up with paper thin plantains which were too difficult for me to pry off the wax paper and transfer to the pan. A tortilla press did work well for this step however. Accompanied Costa Rican Gallo Pinto ( Black Beans & Rice) and Mexican Style Fruit Salad and fresh vegetables on the side including cucumbers and radishes. Thanks for posting!

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COOKGIRl May 19, 2010

My husband's family is from Dominican Republic and my MIL makes this all the time! These are delicious!! My picky eaters love them too! To me, the taste reminds me of french fries. I like to dip mine in ketchup lol. But these are definately yummy!

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StarMom3 November 20, 2006

When visiting Costa Rica I ate these almost every day. They taste like starchy french fry. Love it. Since back at home I make these every few weeks.

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Chef busy bee December 16, 2007
Patacones Ticos (Costa Rican Fried Plantains)