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*Fantastic* 5 stars as this was very easy to make and tasted wonderful. I did roll my pastry between two sheets of quality baking paper as suggested. The left-over pastry I just patted out and baked small pastry squares. I was thinking of adding a topping to them ....but my kids ate them as biscuits/cookies. I made my pastry into a savoury pie with a cheese and silverbeet (swiss chard) filling. Very good. I'll definitely be making this pastry again. I like that it can be made vegan if required. This was an easy pastry to work with. Where my pastry split as I ws placing it into the pie dish, I just pressed it back together and it worked perfectly. I'll post a photo for you too. Thanks for a great recipe UPDATED- to add that I have now made this pastry several times and it has worked great each time

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**Jubes** August 01, 2008

I can't believe I forgot to review this! I guess because I forgot to take a photo. I will next time though. This is by far the best gluten free pie crust. In fact, in the two years I've been learning to bake GF, it's the best baked good we've tried. I made it for pumpkin pies at a GF Thanksgiving and it surpassed all expectations! Since I currently don't eat GF full time, I've just been experimenting & learning for my friend & her family, I'm careful to not contaminate foods, so for the pie crust I purchased a $7 pie bag from the King Arthur Flour website. I was able to put the gluten free pie dough in it, zip it up & use my marble rolling pin to roll out the dough, without ever touching it! Thanks so much for posting, Mariann! We'll be using this recipe again & again! :)

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**Tinkerbell** December 16, 2010

This is a great alternative piecrust when you can't eat wheat. The rice flour's natural graininess is nicely offset by the fat, creating an almost-"flakiness" that regular pie-makers strive for. I used half shortening and half butter, because that's what I had. I also used a hand-held pastry maker to cut in the butter/shortening. I thought it needed more salt. I will make this piecrust again. It was my 1st GF crust experiment, and I was definitely impressed.

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jbellesma October 01, 2008

I made this pastry crust last weekend, thinking it would be just like all the other gluten free ones, full of promises, that dont deliever.
Well, well, doubting Thomas, stand aside!!! It was fantastic--- the family have requested another pie already, which is something the non g/f eaters of the household would previously only tolerate once a month.
Even for the non g/f bakers, this is easy, and as tasty as the real deal. I rate it off the scale. Definitely better than the store bought ones I can get here, ( $9.99 for 3 sheets) too

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cellejay August 31, 2010

a very nice crust. i was a little worried that it wouldn't turn out nice since it seemed a little on the soft and chewy side when i first took it out of the oven, but it firmed up nicely after a quick sit on the counter. it's not as flaky as i would have hoped but it was close enough to a regular pie crust that i would've been fooled if i wouldn't have known. thanks for a really nice recipe.

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lisann09 December 20, 2008

Delicious! I used this to make a terrific pot pie. It held it's shape well and tasted great. Thanks for sharing.

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Az B November 09, 2008

This is a very good GF pie crust. I was out of tapioca flour and so substituted 1/4 c each sweet rice flour and potato starch. Perhaps as a result I needed far more water. In spite of that it was an easily workable dough. I patted it into my pie plate for prebaking, next time I will roll it so that it''s not too thick on the bottom. Filled it with chocolate filling...it was delicious and will be much better next time I make it.

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shalom@home October 24, 2008

WOWZA! Best gluten free pie crust ever!
I am excited to use this in the upcoming summer pie season! Thank you soooo much!

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annagf June 03, 2012

This recipe is totally foolproof. The dough was very easy to work with, just pressed it into the pan: voila! For the rice flour I used half brown rice flour and half glutinous rice flour. We filled it with spinach/cheese/creamcheese/bacon and baked it for 45 mins. When warm the crust tasted strongly of rice flour (not surprisingly ofcourse, lol) which I personally don't care for much. But lo and behold: when cool, the next day, the rice flour taste was gone! Yay! Thanks for posting this!

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Suzy mom to 2 May 14, 2010

I've had great luck with this recipe but I do change a few small things. I am allergic to potato starch so I use corn starch instead, and I do not knead the dough so it can have chunks of butter like regular pie crust. I have used it for quiche, galettes, and pies. :)

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laurenlikesfood December 09, 2012
Pastry Recipe for Pie Crust - Gluten Free