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I'm not going to rate this recipe, I'll just leave a comment. When I started making this dish, I didn't think it would be like a pasta salad. I saw the picture and thought it would be some creamy dish. I should have looked at the ingredient list because obviously, cream isn't listed as an ingredient! I only read the first two directions when I started. So when I came back to look at step 3, I was surprised to see that the only step left was to toss the pasta w/the tuna mixture...I wondered how the other reviewer got that well blended look to her picture and I realized that she also didn't follow the directions. She heated hers up in a skillet. I decided to follow her steps. I didn't have feta but I had parmesan so I put that in. It wasn't really melding. So I thought what can I do to make this all come together? I added milk, it didn't really work. I decided to just add some cream of mushroom soup to it. That solved it for me! To it, I crushed up some Ritz crackers and left a bottle of Tapatio hot sauce to eat with. I really did like the dish that came out after the change but because it's far from the original recipe, I wouldn't be able to rate this recipe.

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Heystopthatnow June 04, 2007

Pretty good! I improvised with fresh red peppers that I roasted myself. I also didn't have any rosemary so I used thyme, turned out yummy. I added a lot more tuna than called for, because we like the extra protein, so added a bit more vinegar and spice to compensate. Did not use any oil. I also added some feta cheese and cooked it all up in the skillet. Thanks!

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yogiclarebear March 02, 2007
Pasta With Tuna, Artichokes and Peppers