Pasta With Tasty Broccoli Sauce

Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

This is really YUMMY and healthy too! You can also play with this recipe and add some sweet bell peppers, spicy crushed red pepper flakes or shredded cheese.

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  1. In a medium saucepan cook onion and garlic in olive oil over a low heat until onions are soft.
  2. Add chicken broth and broccoli and bring to a boil, season with salt and pepper.
  3. Cover and boil gently for about 10 minutes, or until broccoli is very tender, stir occasionally.
  4. Place broccoli mixture in a food processor or blender with lemon juice and parmesan cheese. Pulse a few times until smooth.
  5. Toss pasta and sauce together and serve.
  6. Enjoy!
Most Helpful

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I added shrimp, mushrooms, red pepper for color and basil. It was fantastic and even better the next day. I served it over tortellini but think it wound be better over the spaghetti or fettuchini. I didn't add any salt because of the parmesan and the chicken broth. It really didn't need any at the table either! Thanks for an easy and tasty recipe.

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This sauce is so quick to make, it was ready before I had the pasta boiled! I used a whole box of pasta, which was a mistake because the sauce was a little lost (the box was 300g), so I'll know for next time to only use about half. I made it without the parmesan and really liked the fresh flavours together. I served parmesan on the side for those that wanted it. Very nutritious sauce, I think you could use it many ways, and it might be nice to include some fresh herbs in it as well. Made for ZWT7, thanks Babzy

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I can't decide if this is best as a sauce or a thick soup. Either way, it's very tasty and easy to make. Great that it's dairy free too so it's pretty healthy and low-fat.