Pasta With Baked Garlic, Camembert, and Spinach

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READY IN: 45mins
Recipe by ThunderBird89

I've seen this recipe on River Cottage once, and decided to try it out when faced with a quick visit from a friend.

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  1. Make a grid of cuts on the top surface of the cheese going into the interior.
  2. Clean the garlic cloves of the outer skin.
  3. Place the garlic and the cheese (still in its box) on a frying pan, and bake for app. 30 minutes at medium to high heat (app. 180°C).
  4. While the cheese and the garlic bakes, cook the pasta, drain, and sprinkle with olive oil.
  5. Sweat the spinach in a pan.
  6. Crush the baked garlic cloves and mix them into the spinach.
  7. Pour the melted cheese over the pasta (use the boxes to manipulate), then crush the skins and mix into the pasta as well.
  8. Add the spinach and the garlic, mix well.
  9. When serving, sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and add pine seeds.

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