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Excellent! Definitely a 5 star recipe. I love that it was creamy without any cream or butter. I would add more broccoli and carrots next time just to make it even more healthier. I used vegan cheese, forgot the rosemary and used 2 Cups of soy milk 1/2 a cup of rice milk...It was delicious. I will say my four year old didn't care for it, but my one year old did so it may not be the best dish for every kid's taste buds, but I give it five stars for sure.

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Alecia Pearl September 03, 2012

Loved this, made it as the vegetarian dish when the family came for dinner, very tasty and a meal to enjoy at any time, lovely for guests but really nice to enjoy whenever you feel like a comfort pasta bake! I used penne pasta, I did cook my carrots a bit longer because DH prefers his vegetables not too crunchy. Taking note of Annacias review, I did increase the amount of sauce, I confess I do like a lot of sauce with pasta, and I used regular milk with a bit of cream for a good creamy and very flavourful sauce. I didn't top with cheddar, simply because I don't always fancy cheddar, I used some parmesan which doesnt show up as well as the cheddar would have, but which was very nice nonetheless. Thank you Loula, a lovely recipe which we all very much enjoyed, it was made for I Recommend tag game.

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Karen Elizabeth May 14, 2012

Although I made this when my vegetarian son & DIL were here for dinner one evening, I did use a milk with 2% fat! Other than that, though, your recipe was pretty much followed, though I also cut back slightly on the amount of chili powder & cayenne pepper! Very flavorful & thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! Thanks for posting it! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike June 07, 2011

Great healthy and filling dish! Loved all the veggies - didn't miss the meat at all! I don't care for onions so left them out, and used lowfat milk instead of soy milk. Nice combination of spices in the sauce, a good complement to the veggies. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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loof April 30, 2011

followed the recipe exactly except that i used normal milk and halved the pasta as it looked as if the sauce wasnt going to be enough. kept the amount of vegetables as written.there was too much rosemary for my taste. i would halve or even quarter the amount. just personal preference.this was extremely tasty and i will make this often.

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this4samonly March 08, 2015

I love the pasta and veggies here and the sauce was very tasty (I did pretty much double all of the seasonings). The one drawback I had was that there wasn't really have enough sauce to cover everything else well. It didn't really hurt the flavor but I did have shorten the baking time. I'm not sure why this happened as loof's photo looks like there was plenty. I would certainly make this again because it's yummy but make a least 1/4 more of the sauce.

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Annacia March 30, 2012
Pasta Veggie Casserole (Can Be Vegan)