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This is a great pasta salad. I usually get in a rut and make the same old macaroni salad (ya know the one with tuna) so now I can add this to my choices, and to have one that is vegetarian friendly. I only used about a teaspoon of horseradish and it gave it a nice little bite, I will try more next time. Cindy Lynn, you did good with this one!

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Kim127 June 18, 2003

Thanks for the great recipe! I had my DH grill the portabellos yesterdayPM (so they were in the frige, waiting). I did substitute a little, for lack of the called for items. No tarragon vinegar, so used rice vinegar, chopped red onions for those called for, and frozen peas and carrots for the peas. Thanks again for the recipe. Loved it!

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Colorado Lauralee November 12, 2005

This I made in honor of Cindy. Her not feeling well I went and looked to see what I had in my recipe file of hers then saw this had to do with me.To my Grilled Portabello Mushrooms Grilled Portabella Mushrooms I also marinated the carrots and scallions, then grilled.Then added the grated cheese. Just to good. Cindy I`d say we work together good.

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Rita~ August 06, 2003
Pasta Salad--Inspired by Rita