Pasta Salad

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Total Time
30 mins
30 mins

This has been a family favorite for years. Mom made it at all the family gatherings, and for potlucks. No one has disliked it yet *s*

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  1. Cook pasta per instructions on bag, drain.
  2. In very large bowl, combine pasta, shredded art.
  3. crab meat, olives, and sliced roma tomatoes.
  4. Steam cauliflower and brocolli till tender (not mushy be careful).
  5. Add to bowl.
  6. To bowl, add almost all of the bottle of Italian dressing, mix very well.
  7. Refrigerate overnight, for best taste.
  8. This pasta is always better the day after!
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Very easy to make. I used cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. They were the best ones I could find this time of year. It made a large amount and everyone just loved it!

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This is great, I ate the entire batch myself

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Great. I used chicken instead of the crab meat and served as a main course. Next time I'm going to try keilbasa. I had been searching for a recipe like this. Thank you.