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Delicious! Left out the anchovies. Came out great! I had to make it twice (won't go into why) once using half red and half white wine and once using all red. I think I liked the combo better than all red. It was a little lighter and brighter. Both versions were great. Thanks for posting.

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Lucky in Bayview November 30, 2011

Wow! Great recipe. Very versatile and adaptable too, whatever veggies or meat that is on hand can be used. Made it (the first time) just as stated with the exception that I couldn't find any anchovy paste so I used a small can of anchovies.
Again, great recipe! Thanks for posting.

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Chef Dudo June 03, 2011

This is the perfect puttanesca. It is just like my own recipe except for the green onions. I used chopped sweet onions. The wine is a great addition. The only thing I do add is some chopped kale. The bitter greens seem to bring out the other flavors and, yes, it is healthier. Don't need an additional vegetable either on the side.

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Ivy Food Sleuth August 09, 2010

This was an excellent recipe! We have five grocery stores in my area and not one of them had Anchovy paste! So I used minced ancovies instead. Worked like a charm. Also I increased the olives slightly since I am an olive fan. As for the Anchovies, I can't see this recipe without them! This recipe will likely be a staple in my home! Thanks for sharing!

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Kim A. Heaphy January 25, 2010

Nov 20, 2007 - Delish! I had chicken that needed to be eaten before we leave in the morning for the holiday, so I shredded it, added extra wine to the sauce & heated it through. Everyone had seconds! Thanks for posting! UPDATE: Oct 20, 2009 - I've made this recipe so many times! My teenage DS actually requests it often & it's my go-to recipe when I forget to thaw some meat. I never realized that I didn't photograph it the first time I made it, which turns out to be longer ago than I thought! :) So, basically I've gotten lazy over the years & quit mincing the olives & just slicing them. I've used all kinds of green olives from garlic stuffed to jalapeno stuffed. Last night I didn't have green onions, so had to sub white onion. I keep capers on hand for just this recipe. Thanks again for sharing it, Potsie! :)

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**Tinkerbell** October 20, 2009

This is very good. My husband decided he did not like puttanesca after a recipe I tried a while back from rachel ray, but I was determined to try again and this looked like a good one to make. He was singing a different tune after eating this one lol. I did put chicken into, just cut up small and seasoned. I added it from the start and let it just cook through while simmering. I also didn't use green olives but used kalamata instead. I had to leave out the anchovy paste since I was out. Anyway it was super simple and tasted great. I should add that since I started off with the chicken I only really used about 2 T. of oil, and didn't add any when I added the onions and garlic.

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CulinaryExplorer March 24, 2009

I made this last night & was really excited about it. I used ~1/8 cup olive oil, & minced some extra garlic. I used 3 fresh tomatoes (cut into wedges & then cut in ½ only once each) instead of canned. I used kalamata olives instead of black olives b/c 1) it was all I had, & 2) I had read that in another review, & I threw in some whole green olives in addition to the chopped ones. I also sautéed some (boneless, skinless) chicken breasts (patted dry & seasoned w/ salt & pepper) in a separate pan while the sauce was simmering & added it to the sauce after it was cooked through. I left it in the sauce for just a few minutes while I cooked the spaghetti. As I said b/f, I was sooo excited about this dish—I grated fresh parmesan cheese on the top & took my first bite &… it was too spicy for me. :) Delicious, but too hot. I still award it 5 stars b/c I think that it IS a delicious recipe, & the fact that I added the full 1 tsp of red pepper flakes when I KNOW that neither I nor my BF are very tolerant of hot/spicy foods… well that is my own fault. Next time I will add only ½ the amount (or less) of red pepper flakes, & I think that will make it perfect. Thank you for posting!

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FattyFat December 16, 2008

Loved it. This is a very good recipe. Here are some changes I made: I used 1/2 cup of chopped fresh parsley, 1/2 tsp of the pepper flakes (next time I intend on using 1/4 tsp), all green olives, and whole wheat spaghetti. Very good and easy recipe.

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Engineer in the Kitchen August 25, 2008

WOW!! This was so delicious! I had to stop myself from eating the whole batch! I only changed a couple things: I didn't have any anchovy paste so I left it out, while it was cooking I mushed up the tomatoes really well to make it more like a sauce, and I used the whole can of tomatoes with all the juice. I love this dish! I will make again and again.

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amievv821 August 03, 2008

This was OUTSTANDING!! I'm a pasta fiend...and this dish has now become my #2 all time favorite pasta dish EVER!!!!! I did make some changes but I'm dealing with a husband who won't even look at a plate of pasta that doesn't include some kind of meat or seafood or chicken. That being said, I added 3 links of hot turkey italian sausage and browned it before I browned the garlic and onions. In my opinion, the sauce didn't need this, however, it was EXCELLENT with the sausage as well. The blend of flavors here was to die for. I doubled the amount of pasta and the amount of all the other ingredients (except the anchovy paste). I increased the wine and the garlic (of course!) and didn't even serve it with parmesan. Guess what? Didn't need any parmesan. SUPERB!!! Anyone who knows me knows how serious I take my pasta...this is my #2 dish of any pasta dish I've had in my entire life! WONDERFUL. I'd give this one 10 stars if I could. Thank you so much for posting this amazing dish.!!!!!!

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RedVinoGirl July 06, 2008
Pasta Puttanesca ( the Madame's Pasta )