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First I would like to say that I agree with a previous review that the addition of so many eggs and also the cooking method was not a necessity. I doubled the recipe and only used 2 eggs. I made it using leftover egg noodles, sausage meatballs that I crumbled up, and some ricotta, cheddar, and cream cheese for the cheeses. I stirred in your spice recommendations and placed it into a dutch oven casserole dish and baked it for 30 minutes. It came out beautifully albeit not in a 'pizza' formation. I think the ricotta cheese added a 'calzone flair' to this dish. That said, I think this dish is a wonderful way to use up leftovers. A very simple throw-together of endless possibilities. For these reasons we gave it 3 stars. 'We liked it' :)

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2Bleu January 22, 2008

This was very good, my entire family enjoyed it. We used vegetables (carrots, green and ref pepper, pepper and broccoli). For the cheese we used Monteray Jack. And I used dried basil and chopped garlic.

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Studentchef May 11, 2007

I thought this sounded like a really interesting idea, and it tasted fine, but I don't really see the advantage of adding the egg and frying it up as a pizza. Instead, I would probably just mix it all together, minus the eggs, and serve it as a pasta. I'll admit that mine didn't hold together so well when I flipped it (I forgot to spray the pan before putting everything into it), but I'm not factoring that mistake into my rating. I used penne pasta, pesto sauce, 2 eggs, cooked chicken, guyerre cheese and all the spices. It was fine, but I didn't feel the eggs and cooking style added anything to the taste.

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Karen67 April 11, 2007
Pasta Pizza from Leftovers (Or Not)