Pasta in a Rice Cooker 2007

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 20 mins

This is simple, while you are making your salad, slicing the bread, pouring your wine, and setting the table, your meal will be made all in twenty minutes. This does not come out starchy, it cooked exactly right. Give it a try in your rice cooker soon. Please remember the sauce you use should be the one that you like the best. Measure accurately the water, sauce, and the pasta. Do not think heaping is the same as two cups, if you do, then you are risking a starchy saucey result. Also I have used rigatoni and penne always with good result.

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  1. Place all in rice cooker in order given, and stir once. Add the salt depending on the saltiness of the cheese you are using, salt is an option.
  2. Close lid and flip the switch to on.
  3. When cooker turns off, open stir, and close again leave on warm for two or three minutes or until ready to serve.
  4. I pan fry any bulk meat and freeze in 1/4 cup pack size, and also pack sauce into 1 cup size. Then if I want this I just take it out earlier in the day and defrost, that way this is always something to make.


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Wow! That Pasta in a Rice Cooker is AWESOME. My first attempt using this method and am so impressed with the end result. Perfect pasta in twenty minutes - no mess no fuss - and no left overs. Will be making up packets of the hamburger and keep sauce on hand for those times when I need a good meal in a hurry. Now if only I had picked up a bottle of white wine to go with that lovely pasta! Thank you for recipe that is so a repeatable.

Gerry March 02, 2008

Thanks for sharing this recipe! EXCELLENT recipe for the rice cooker! very quick, easy pasta. I've made it so many times I couldn't even hazard a guess at the number. My DH has decided its one of his favorite recipes for me to play with. I have taken to substituting/adding pasta-friendly bits from the fridge in need of consumption. successful so far: cooked & shredded chicken, corned beef, shitake mushrooms, olives, pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce.

HappySphinx November 23, 2011

This is definitely a viable way to cook pasta. Pasta is pretty easy to begin with, but I guess if I didn't want to have to attend to boiling water, like wanted to give kids a bath while dinner made itself, it's good. Next time I will double the recipe and see if it still comes out yummy. If anything, it was too dry, but that could easily be remedied by adding more sauce at the end of cooking, like you do with normal pasta.

Peggy loves Dessert April 06, 2010

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