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Verra tasty. I don't use ham, so I used some home-smoked turkey (a wing), and used it to make some of the stock. I also doubled down on the basil, oregano, and garlic, as I am a spice ho, and I have yet to see too many recipes that couldn't be improved with a larger amount of spices than what's called for. Seems to me that most published recipes are way timid about using spices.

And, as I had no rigatoni, I used ditaloni. I also wasn't brave enough to try 4 "cloves" of cloves. I did use garlic. Now that I've tasted the soup, I'm thinking cloves would have made this soup taste way weird.

I thank the PTB for the 'Net and Food.com. An endless assortment of recipes so I never have to cook the same thing twice! Unless it was THAT tasty, of course...lol

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Sage0925 October 23, 2011

my guess is that the 4 cloves finely chopped refer to garlic and not the spice.

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Art's Protege January 29, 2009
Pasta Fagioli (Bean) Soup With Smoked Ham