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This soup was a huge hit in our house! It is a very hearty soup bursting with flavor. The soup is also very appealing to the eye with the red, orange, white and green colors from the vegetables and beans. This soup is hearty enough to be a stew/chili as it is not loaded with broth. I doubled the recipe using hot Italian sausage and ground beef (I only had hot Italian sausage which was too much heat for the entire family). I used a couple of extra carrots and stalks of celery to beef up the vegetables. I was unable to locate cannellini beans at my grocery store so I substituted navy beans which are also white. I can't say enough about how great this soup tasted. Thank-you so much for sharing your recipe!

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Caryn October 19, 2002

I just turned the burner off! This is soup is complete! This will sound silly; for years I've thought about making this type of soup but I thought it was way over my head. I have to tell you in all honesty it was the easiest thing in the world to make! Oh yes, I did have a little sample: OMG! This is the type of thing I can throw together in 15 minutes and tell everyone I spent all day! LOL

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JamesJames14226 February 01, 2011

Delicious! I made this in my crockpot. I browned the sausage , sauteed the vegetables, and added them to the crockpot with everything else except the pasta and parsley. I cooked my pasta seperately and added it at the end with the parsley.I used sweet Italian sausage and 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes and it was perfect in the heat department but a little too spicy for my 7 yr old son , so next time I'll probably have to use just 1/2 teaspoon and add more to my bowl. I added zucchini , a bay leaf and more carrots/celery , 6 cloves garlic and used 3 (14-1/2 ounce) cans chicken broth. I started it out on HIGH for a couple hours and then switched it to Low. Cooked it for a total of five hours. I served it with some grilled cheese sandwiches. This was such a comforting and tasty soup on a very cold and rainy day! Thank you so much for the great recipe.....going into the keeper file! I would love to add some fresh chopped spinach to this! UPDATE:I made this again, this time on the stovetop because I wanted to make more than my crock pot would hold.Just as yummy! I browned the sausage first, drained it and added it back in after the vegetables were sauteed. I did add a 6 ounce bag of baby spinach in at the very end, with the pasta shells I cooked separately , and that is a delicious addition I would reccommend! We are eating again it tonight! One of my favorite soup recipes, much thanks Pan Nan!

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bad kitty 1116 May 03, 2010

Thanks, PanNan, I love this soup! I altered the order of adding ingredients to avoid overcooking: I browned the sausage before adding onion, garlic, and celery. I added carrots with the stock (and any other root veggies on hand: potatoes, parsnips, etc. should go then). Also, if using dry beans, they can be boiled separately for an hour after their "soak" and added with the root veggies. I waited until the end and added canned diced tomatoes when I added the pasta so the tomato chunks wouldn't get too cooked down (small "veggies for soup", corn, peas, etc. should also be added here).

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The_Mick January 09, 2009

Wonderful recipe. I used larger bowtie noodles, but is great as submitted with plenty of room to play with.

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mbwolf December 15, 2003

My husband said this is very hearty and very good, so I will add it to my collection. I confess I ate three(!) bowls myself (without bread). I have said before that it seems any soup made with Italian sausage is good. Thank you, PanNan.

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Southern Transplant November 10, 2011

this is surprisingly good! i didn't have any spinach or cheese, but it turned out delicious anyway! thanks alot!!!

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Allie's Mommy June 22, 2011

Best soup ever! I used ground beef with 1/2 the sausage and beefed up the veges. As it simmered, I couldn't wait to taste it. The whole family loved it and I'm so glad I made a double batch to freeze. Nice and hearty!

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sandrameraz November 12, 2015

SO GOOD. And so easy. It's now one of my "go to" recipes. Other than the sausage the ingredients are things I almost always have on hand. I didn't have cannelloni beans so used black beans. Everything else followed the recipeexactly. For "tiny pasta" I went really tiny and used Barilla orzo. Rarely do I find something we all just LOVE but this is one of them.

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Karen C. November 11, 2015

My husband and I made this last night and it was amazing!! Best soup I have ever had...EVER! The only thing I changed was I added a little less of the seasonings than it called for. But other than that I loved it and I will definitely be making this again.

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Alex0713 July 21, 2015
Pasta E Fagioli (Italian soup) with Italian Sausage