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This was yummy. The only changes that I made were to use fresh broccoli and whole milk. (I also used bottled sauce.) I really like the pasta cakes and I think they would be very good with many other types of sauces. Next time, I might sprinkle a little bit of parmesan or romano cheese on each one before putting them in the oven. Thanks for posting such a easy and yummy recipe!

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Malriah October 11, 2003

I had some conflict here. I cooked them for over 10 minutes but not all the milk was absorbed (is it supposed to be that way?) and, honestly, not all the pasta was covered. I took them out thinking that they would firm out, which they never did. I served them with bottled sauce and broccoli on the side (as I didn't think the kids would eat it with the broccoli mixed into the sauce). All in all a pretty interesting recipe, but needs some tweaking for me. Thanks so much for posting such a healthy recipe, though!! I love finding those!

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ladypit September 13, 2004
Pasta Cakes with Broccoli