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Going to a pot luck tonight, so I ventured down your list, saw this and remembered that I have one of those huge jars of mixed olives and peppers from Costco, I mean huge, still hogging refrigerator space. So I multiplied the recipe made one for the home front which we have just tasted, surely that is not cheating??? so 1/2 the jar went for the kalamata olives(there are some other varieties in the jar but I tried to stay fairly conventional for once) and I had some good mozzarella from Pikes market and bought some bow ties, just because this seemed like a dress up dinner. EXCELLENT. It is on the list now, the good one. Thanks again, this is fun. LuluB

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Lulu B October 02, 2003

Excellent dish and i will make it again for sure. thanks

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yousry007 December 29, 2007

This really did not work for us. I measured out 8 oz of dry pasta by weight, and ended up with enough pasta to fill a 2 1/2 qt. baking dish - more like 6 to 8 servings. There really did not seem to be enough cheese - I guess I was expecting more of a sauce effect, and had instead pasta with some daubs of cheese. I liked all the individual ingredients, but as a dish this just did not appeal to us. Sorry.

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duonyte January 24, 2007
Pasta Baked With Olives, Vegetables and Mozzarella