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o.k... This recipe is so easy so fantastic and so versatile, you can do so much with it! I used normal pasta, not gluten free,but followed everything else written exactly, and it was perfect. a great light, easy and tasty salad for summer !! Remember that verse when you were little?????? .......This little piggy went to market?? Well that verse reminds me of this recipe............ First little piggy wanted salmon on it (DS)!!! Second little piggy wanted Tuna on it (DH)!!!! Third little piggy wanted it heated with parmesan cheese on it (DD)!!!! ............ and the last little piggy wanted it a la natural ... (that is me) !!!!! Rave reviews from all little piggies **Jubes** !!!!!! Great recipe a BIG 5 here !!!!!!!

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Tisme December 14, 2007
Pasta and Pine Nut Salad - With Gluten-Free Option