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A lovely rich tomato sauce, a wonderful weekend project when you can let it cook away to itself and be richly rewarded by a sumptuous sauce with deep rich flavour, reminds you of how cooking should be. Thank you LazyChef, this was lovely and well worth making!!!! made for I Recommend tag game

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Karen Elizabeth October 01, 2012

FANTASTIC! This is definitely restaurant quality pasta sauce. I followed the directions exactly (not adding the vodka, since we didn't have any) and I wouldn't change a single thing. As the chef recommends, using fresh, quality ingredients and simmering for a long time are keys to this recipe. I let mine simmer for abour 4 hours. Even though it takes some time to make, it is easy and most of that time is hands-free/kick back with a glass of wine time. I love the layers of flavors in this sauce. The butter makes it silky and the cream...oh the cream...mmmmm. The recipe did not include pasta amount. I used a one pound box of barilla plus thin spaghetti. This is a really wonderful recipe and I don't even miss the meat! Thank you. ~Made for Pick A Chef Spring 2009~

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LifeIsGood March 22, 2009
Pasta Al Pomodoro (Tia's Take on Basta Pasta's Recipe)