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Great recipe! My kids loved it and said they would like to eat this year-round. As others suggested, I left out the extra butter. Fast and easy--thanks for posting, Caryn!

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Pielet April 02, 2013

I am getting ready to move and trying to use up pantry items, so I went in search for a recipe to use up my farfel. This recipe was the first thing I've ever seen with farfel that is good enough to eat year-round. I eat mazo brie all year long and if you like that, you'll like this too. Following the other reviews suggestions, I didn't bother with layering. I also left out the butter and it was fine. My milk was spoiled so I made it from powdered milk, I grated cheddar cheese and used about 1 1/2 cups. I also used light sour cream, about 8 oz. It was really tasty and might be an excuse to buy farfel again!

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Karen67 September 17, 2012

Tonight I had four adults and four children here for dinner, all of whom agreed we are pretty ready to have chametz back in our life. Oh well, 36 hours yet to go. Good news for us, I found this recipe! We unanimously agreed that although it's not exactly like mac & cheese, it's the closest thing we have ever had during Passover, and we could all say without hesitation that THIS IS YUMMY! Not even a qualified yummy, as in "yummy, given that it's pesadic," but an all out YUMMY! This will be added to my Passover repertoire, to be pulled out near the end when we are all matza-weary. Thanks so much!

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Susiecat too April 05, 2010

Every year, I reach my wits end for dinner ideas by mid-Passover. This was SOOOOO good. I let the farfel and egg sit for a bit (10 or so minutes), then added the sour cream and extra sharp cheddar right into the farfel mixture. Loaded up a 7x10 casserole dish, poured the milk mixture on top and baked it. It wasn't until after we stuffed ourselves on this delicious meal that I realized that I completely forgot to add the butter. I'm not quite sure what it could possibly have added besides calories!

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Renee Hana April 24, 2008

WOW!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! Be careful, make sure you have enough people to eat it so you don't eat the entire thing!! I used 1/2 the butter. I didn't do the layering. I followed step 13, mixed the cheese and sour cream in with the farfel mixture and then poured the milk mixture on top. I omitted the pepper.

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tofulove April 17, 2006
Passover Farfeloni and Cheese Casserole