Passover Egg Noodles

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 20 mins

This is my great grandmother's recipe. I even have her cast iron frying pan that she made them in. My kids look forward to this treat in their chicken soup every Passover.

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  1. Mix room temperature water with potato starch.
  2. Slowly add to beaten eggs, stirring well -- it should not be lumpy.
  3. Salt to taste.
  4. Heat small teflon pan or skillet.
  5. First wipe with oil on a paper towel.
  6. Using a ladle, ladle a thin, even amount into the pan.
  7. Fry on medium heat.
  8. When set flip and then immediately remove/flip to plate.
  9. With wetter side up, roll as tight as possible.
  10. Slice into 1/4 inch circles.
  11. Do not unroll.
  12. Continue frying until no egg mixture is left.
  13. Mix the egg mixture each time before you ladle into the frying pan or potato starch will all sink to bottom.
  14. Serve in chicken soup.
  15. Can be made a couple days in advance and placed in a air tight container in the refrigerator.


Most Helpful

This recipe is the basic recipe that has been in my family for generations, too.. The only difference is that once we cut the noodles we would lay them out on clean kitchen towels to dry and we would boil them for a few minutes before serving... it took the eggy taste away, and felt more like real noodles. Great.

nina702 March 27, 2010

I always wondered how my grandmother made these! I made them today to go with our chicken soup. The taste was a little eggier (if thats a word) than I like, but were still very delicious. Thanks Caryn.

Miraklegirl April 22, 2003

Loved it! I forgot about these and this was delish! Thank you!

Wendy B. April 02, 2015

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