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No idea why everybody gets so excited to see a cheesecake at a Pesach meal, but there it is. There's really no reason why not! This cheesecake is so luscious, I'd use it again for Shavuos. Not too rich, not too sweet, but just enough of all the right stuff. I made a fresh-strawberry sauce (just simmer strawberries on low with some sugar - don't add water - and when the strawberries are thoroughly mushy, stir in a bit of cornstarch and lemon juice to give the sauce a glossy thickness). I skipped the orange rind and vanilla - don't buy vanilla for Pesach anyway. Just the cheese flavour, plus strawberry on top, was simple & delicious - thanks!!!

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Jay3fer April 13, 2009

I am so excited to find this recipe again. I made the Gourmet recipe with great success years ago, and I'm thrilled to find it again. Thank you so much. I'm hosting Passover this year, and this is definitely going on the dessert table. I've served it with strawberries in the past, and I think I will make strawberry-rhubarb sauce.

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952865 March 25, 2009

I've made this two years running and it's a very popular dessert - sweet yet refreshing and smooth in texture. Holds its shape beautifully if cooled in the oven as directed. Thanks for posting this!

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Marge S May 03, 2008
Passover Cottage Cheese Cake