Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 15 mins

These were the most amazing cookies I have every tasted. They are "very" crispy. I will make this year-round, not just for Passover.

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  1. Mix together the first 7 ingredients.
  2. Add the eggs and oil and mix together well.
  3. The dough will seem dry and crumbly, but it will hold together when cooked.
  4. Drop by tablespoons onto greased cookie sheet. Press lightly to hold together, if necessary.
  5. Bake @ 350° for 15 minutes.
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These were amazingly un-matzoh flavored after baking. I added some coconut to the mixture just because I had some on hand, and otherwise followed the directions. I mixed the dough by hand and I think that helped it hold together when scooping. Also, I didn't use boxed matzoh farfel but instead used three matzohs and crushed them by hand. This way I can make the pieces a bit smaller than the boxed farfel, which I think makes them blend in better. THE YIELD INFO IS WAY OFF! I made large cookies (I baked for 17-18 minutes) and easily got 4 dozen from the recipe. A very good recipe that is not disappointing as some Passover desserts are. Thanks!

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This dough is really crumbly and thus not conducive to stress cooking, but it's great alternative to macaroons.

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Great Passover cookie recipe! I replaced the nuts with 1/2 cup mixed fruit and 1/2 cup chocolate chips as my son does not like nuts in baked goods. I baked for only 12 minutes as we don't like too crispy cookies. The taste and texture were excellent. Nice crunch on the outside, softer on the inside, especially right out of the oven. No problems scooping batter. I used generous tablespoons and got 50 good sized cookies. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It's going into the Passover file and will use it again next year. A winner!!