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This is SOOoo berry, berry good... :) I had the strawberries and some nice apples...to pretend i had passion-fruit syrup i threw in some pineapple and a couple of spoonfuls of honey...I am still learning about dehydrating stuff and have not yet gotten the fruit roll-up sheets so i pour my puree on parchment...this time it was really runny compared to other things I've attempted (and i was a little scared I had mucked it up...it was kinda dripping out all over on me (the proper sheets would prevent this)... BUT it turned out the best yet as far as finished texture dried and so in-cred-do- yummy...I also love Sandi's intro where she said you are only limited by your imagination(ain't that the truth)...be fearless and try new things and don't be afraid of a little mess and muck!!! - you may come up with a gem!!! These roll-ups are DEVINE!!! :)

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free-free June 25, 2008

Puree till smooth. Use the fruit leather screens, and pour the mixture, 2 cups, into the tray ~1/4 inch thick. Then I dry at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 10-12 hours. 

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aterveen_1487 May 11, 2015
Passion Strawberry Fruit Leather - Dehydrator Roll-Ups