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In our Zaar World Tour 5 visit to Spain, this was the one dish that could not be passed over. We bought saffron threads and arborio rice especially for this, and made an evening project of it. It did not disappoint. We halved the recipe simply because we didn't have a big enough skillet, and ended up finishing it in a deep-dish pizza pan, which worked well. We also used bay scallops in place of mussels and Amontillado sherry in place of white wine, both of which worked fine. A little extra liquid was needed for the second oven session, to fully moisten the rice; we used more chicken broth and another splash of sherry. Rich and indulgent, well worth the work, completely enjoyed, hope there are leftovers and don't bet on it.

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Lavender Lynn May 18, 2009

Very very good! I omitted the mussles and used crawfish meat. Also, I wasn't sure if it used fresh saffron so I didn't use the fresh. For the chicken broth I used the canned with herbs.

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Kikimony March 25, 2003
Party Paella