Total Time
1hr 45mins
Prep 1 hr
Cook 45 mins

Unbelievably scrumptious!!

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  1. In a skillet, cook beef and onion until meat is browned; drain.
  2. Stir in tomato sauce, 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese, allspice, salt and pepper.
  3. Bring to a boil.
  4. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, for 15 minutes.
  5. In a saucepan, melt 1/4 cup butter.
  6. Stir in flour until smooth.
  7. Gradually add milk; bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened and bubbly.
  8. Stir in 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese.
  9. Remove from heat.
  10. Add eggs; whisk until smooth.
  11. In a bowl, combine pasta and remaining Parmesan cheese.
  12. Melt remaining butter; add to pasta and toss to coat.
  13. Spread 1/3 of meat mixture in a greased 13x9 inch casserole dish.
  14. Layer with half of the pasta, 1/3 of meat mixture, and half of the white sauce; repeat.
  15. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes or until thoroughly heated and bubbly.


Most Helpful

This is a delicious casserole which reminds me of the Greek dish pastitsio. I made this exactly as the recipe indicates and served it with garlic bread and a salad- very yummy! My two sons, who were over for diner, "mopped" their plates clean with the bread to get the last delicios bite!This is one that I will definitly make again- great cold weather comfort food!Thanks for posting this, NurseDi!

Leslie in Texas January 25, 2003

I've made this a few times and everyone that tried it really liked it. It is a lot of steps, but it's not difficult so don't let that deter you. This is a great recipe.

Dana Dane April 12, 2008

Alot of prep time and not that big of a payoff. It was good, but not great, especially for all the time that goes into preparing it. The taste was kinda bland. The only strong flavor that stood out was the meat. And even though I followed the directions to the T, the layer after layer repeat, never really worked out, I ran out and never repeated. The quantity didnt fill the dish specified in the recipe. I think there are a few more ingredients that could have gave this dish a stronger flavor.

Hackerglory October 10, 2007

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