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We all really enjoyed this meal. I made a couple changes - not major. I used a can of diced tomatoes-not exactly great tomatoes this time of year- and I used sour cream in favor of yogurt.Also added a bit extra paprika.I think next time I'll serve it with rice though.(had it with egg dumpling noodles) Then that great sauce will get soaked up nicely. Thanks!

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HEP MEP February 19, 2004

This is an awesome recipe. I found it a while back on the web and have made it a few times now. The only thing I do differently is use sour cream instead of yogurt (makes it a bit less healthy but 10x more tasty). I've also made it with a 1lb pork roast (cut up into 5 big pieces) without any changes. Thanks for sharing!

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Rob79 May 02, 2010

I followed this recipe to the letter the first time around and it was delicious. I cook for my parents and as they have gotten older they prefer milder food. This dish offered them flavor without causing discomfort. I made this dish again for my husband and I and tweaked it a little. I added more garlic (about 7 cloves sauteed 1/2 and other half added about 10 minutes before meal was done) and tripled the paprika. I sauteed 3/4 of the onions and then added the last quarter at the end so that there was the some crunch. I also added in some fingerling potatoes. I boiled them first till they were semi soft and then added them to the meat and sauce. Since I added the potatoes I did not serve this dish over noodles but served it with a side of brown rice and a salad of tomatoes, red onions, and baby spinach with a lime and olive oil dressing. Very very happy with this recipe its easy, fast and delicious. Thank you very much Honni

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N. Lavendula March 06, 2010

This is so easy to make. The pork was very tender and the chilli left a warm taste.I served with steamed rice and baby spinach. A very warming meal on a cold night.

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Honni November 10, 2005

This made a delicious dinner for us tonight. I was afraid it would burn while simmering, so added some extra water, which made the dish more soupy than intended, I think. Even so, it was pleasantly saucy and very nice on rice. Next time I'll cook it in my cast iron stew pot. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe.

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mianbao April 02, 2005
Paprika Pork