Paprika Huhn (Chicken in Paprika Sauce).

Total Time
1hr 35mins
35 mins
1 hr

Another dish from my 50+ year old German 'Kochbook'. Very yummy as it is simmered in a sauce of Onion, Paprika, Stock, and finally, Cream.

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  1. Cut up chicken and rub with salt and pepper. Melt better in a large (preferably cast iron) pan. Brown chicken on all sides in Butter with the Onion.Remove Chicken, sprinkle Paprika in the fat, heat briefly, then add the flour and Stock. Put the Chicken back in and gently steam in a well covered pan for 25 minutes or so. Remove Chicken and keep warm. Add cream, salt, and paprika to taste to pan juices and pour over Chicken. Goes well with Spaetzle, mashed potatoes, beets, or anything Western European, especially a good Liebfraumilch wine. Enjoy!