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The verdict is in and we have a WINNER! This a great one dish meal you can have on the table in less than 30 minutes. I was out of cayenne, so I sustituted by using more hot paprika (half and half), and out of green onions, so I chopped a yellow onion and added a bit of chives for the color in the sauce. I could have licked the pot clean to get at all that gravy! The DH, and 2 coworkers raved! I am too!

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Michelle S. November 21, 2002

This chicken had just the right amount of spice and was so tender! I followed the directions exactly and would not change a thing. I served on top of white rice and my "picky" family loved it. This recipe is a definite "Keeper"!

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Kim D. February 10, 2003

WOW!! So quick and easy to make. This was great! I served this with rice and next time will serve with mashed potatoes. If I could of I would have eaten it all myself. I used yellow onions since I had no green onions and it tasted great. Thanks for a winner.

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Shari2 December 13, 2002

This IS a winner!! Everyone raved about it and said "Be sure to make this AGAIN!!" It is such an easy meal to make and oh so flavorful. I made it exactly as stated. Thank you Mysterygirl for sharing this.

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Merlot December 14, 2002

This was wonderful. Made exactly as directed but threw in some mushrooms with the onions and soup. Served over mashed potatoes and the gravy was awesome. Ate the rest for lunch the next day. Really a keeper !

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Caz March 06, 2003

Very tasty and easy to prepare. I followed the receipe exactly except for the cayenne. I substutited a varity pepper mix I use instead (fresh ground). I served it over cubed boiled potatoes (with parsley and butter) and a side of sweet corn. It was thoroughly enjoyed and the leftovers made excellent lunch a couple days later.

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Mark Kovach February 03, 2003

My son's new favorite dinner. I added more cayenne pepper and used smoked paprika as we like more spices. After sauteeing the chicken I removed it from the pan, added garlic and onion then deglazed with white cooking wine. I added the rest of the ingredients posted and placed the chicken back in the sauce. Easy and delicious. Thanks.

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My Sweetie's Sweetheart May 14, 2011

Love this recipe. Made it twice now. It's a little too spicy for all our stomachs (even me who loves spicy food) so I've cut down the pepper and cayenne to 1/2 tsp. I also changed the salt amount to 1 1/2 tsp and it was perfect. Best served over brown rice (not the minute rice or fast cooking, but actual raw rice (yes cooked)) in both my mom's and my opinion :) The sour cream in the gravy gives it the perfect calming taste to the spiciness of the breading. Even my picky brother ate it all up. Thanks for sharing!

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AnnoyingRooster December 09, 2010

This was great after I made some additions to the sauce (for some unknown reason I don't like the word "gravy"... lol - my hubby mocks me for this quirk). The sauce was really really thick and still tasted like canned soup to me so I removed the chicken and wisked in a splash of white wine, a dash of cayenne and garlic powder, and thinned with milk until the consistency was just right. It turned into a super yummy spicy garlic sauce that dh and I both loved. Next time I'll serve over egg noodles or rice. Thanks for sharing your recipe and I hope you don't mind that I tweaked it a bit :)

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muncheechee November 15, 2010

This was really yummy. I've tried paprika chicken recipes before that just ended up being "pink sauce chicken"... this one had enough paprika to actually taste it and the chicken was beautifully moist and juicy. i used 1 tsp mild paprika and 1 tsp hot. i can't buy canned soup here so instead i used Cream Soup Substitutes - replacing the flour in that recipe with 3 Tbsp leftover flour/spice mixture from this one. since i couldn't just dump the can of soup in, i browned the chicken first as directed and then removed it from the pan, made the sauce and then returned the chicken to the pan for the cover/simmer step. the sauce was really thick and a bit shallow in the pan and i was worried it would start to burn, so i thinned it with 1/4 cup white wine (which was nice). i only added 1/2 the sour cream that was called for and i didn't have any green onions so they were omitted. served it with some rice steamed with onions and diced carrots... the sauce was really great with the rice (and it would be excellent with green beans). The only issue i encountered was that the butter for browning the chicken burned (even on medium heat) and i had to scrape the black bits out before making the rest of the sauce. will definitely make this again. thanks for sharing.

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Kaysma February 24, 2010
Paprika Chicken With Sour Cream Gravy