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This pie was a big hit on Thanksgiving. Everyone thought the raspberry sauce was the perfect compliment and made the pie taste fantastic. It was easy to make using jam that had the seeds already filtered out; the crust and filling were quick and easy to make also. At our local Pappadeaux's, I would describe the pecans in the crust as "finely chopped" since you can taste and almost feel tiny bits of them in your mouth. I ground mine in the blender almost into pecan butter and my crust was good but it wasn't the same. Next time I'll think "chop" rather than "grind". Another difference is that the resturant serves what looks like a tall slice of cheesecake. Doubling this recipe and using an 8 or 9 inch springform pan would probably be closer to Pappadeaux's version of this wonderful desert.

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TommyGato December 07, 2003

This is the key lime pie I dreamed of. I simply love the recipe, but I often use a store bought crust.

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Neurochemistry June 15, 2005
Pappadeaux's Key Lime Pie with Raspberry Sauce