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Well, all the other reviews were correct. I just made this and indeed it turned out just like the real thing. Seems like I used every saucepan and bowl in the kitchen though. I would recommend sauteing the shrimp before you do the roux so you can concentrate on the roux and not have to wait so long for the shrimp to cook before adding it to the roux. This would keep you from over-cooking the roux / stock mixture before finishing off with the shrimp.

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mike9196 October 01, 2011

Molly, You get my five stars (would be six if available!) It was well worth the effort, all the messed up pots and pans and dishes. The taste was absolutely out-of-this-world! And indeed, it tasted just like what we get at Pappadeaux (How DID you get the recipe??) The sauce was rich and creamy and the fish would have been great bare. Adding the sauce to the fish simply put it into world-class.

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Witch Doctor June 18, 2008

OMG! This was out of this world! I was afraid it would be too spicy for our little ones, so I only used half the spice. The balance of flavors and rich creamy butter balanced the HOT. Next time I'll make it exactly like the recipe. My 4 year olds each had 3 HUGE helpings and didn't touch any of the pasta or veggies (usually their favorites.) My husband inhaled it. I liked my plate! Don't pass this one by! Thanks for sharing it.

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it'scolleen March 20, 2008

I tried this one on a Monday night and the flavor made up for all the work. The sauce is the key to the whole meal and this recipe will not let you down; creamy, rich and full of flavor. I cranked it up a little by adding more cajun spice and Tabasco, but I do the same when I go to Pappadeaux's. It was so good, I did not have any leftovers to take to work for lunch.

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catseye9lives July 25, 2006

A fast 5 stars for this great version. When we left Dallas, there were few things we'd miss, but Pappadeaux's was definitely among the restaurants we still longed for. Not anymore! As for alterations: Made for just the two of us, I used small, cooked shrimp, so didn't use the shrimp shells for the stock. Instead we used 1 tablespoon of fish sauce added to the water and chopped veggies and reduced to half. Omitted the cayenne and used green tobasco instead of red. Subbed merlot for the madeira and -GASP!- used imitation crab since the sauce had tons of flavor from the remaining ingredients. Speaking of the sauce...HOLY COW, was that good! My husband went back and put more on his mashed potatoes after he inhaled the fish. We're convinced that all the butter in this recipe didn't hurt any and the fact that we're still alive after eating so much of it? Icing on the cake! Thanks, Molly, for a fantastic recipe which is going straight into my "encore" cookbook! (With apologies for the ratty picture. My focus was less on photography than with getting that fish inside of me...and quickly before he got away!)

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Sandi (From CA) July 03, 2006

I didn't really give the proper reply to my rating. I was looking for this recipe for years after having this prepared for me in NO. I must say without a doubt that this was so close to the original that it was actually better! The sauce was everything and more. My kids actually asked for a bowl of the sauce. Thank you so very much!

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Navy CDR October 16, 2005

I just finished making this and it is exactly as in Pappadeaux's. Thanks for this recipe as I have been wanting it for over 5 yrs. FYI, my prep time was 1.75hrs start to finish and well worth it.WD

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oxyk December 29, 2004

Oh my goodness! The reviews were true. This is truly the real thing! This is one of my favorite dishes at Pappadeaux and I was amazed I was able to recreate it., Yes!!! I made this along with the Dirty Rice (no livers) recipe on this site and we ate until we could not eat again!!! When I reviewed the recipe it was a little confusing, but when I actually made it everything came together. I used a variety of filets......talapia, catfish, and snapper. This dish is marvelous!!!

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cakelady_n_tx February 05, 2013

Wow--amazing! This is my favorite dish at Pappadeaux and I have been looking for this recipe for years! I made this tonight with dirty rice and my husband and I loved it. I used red snapper and it was soooo delicious. It took about 1 3/4 hours and several pans but worth every bit of effort. It is just as delicious as I remember. Thank you so much for sharing!

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babytoothdoc April 06, 2014

Over 20 years ago my Uncle took me to Pappadeaux's and I ordered the this dish for the first time. It. Was. Heaven. Seriously the best fish dish I have ever had. I have been singing its praises to my husband for years. But every time he goes to Texas with me something happens and we can't make it to the restaurant. <br/><br/>So yesterday I'm in the fish market and it occurs to me... wonder if anyone has posted the recipe for this dish? I was very excited to see that it was posted, and I started to throw ingredients to cart. <br/><br/>I get back home and the first thing I did is start making the broth. This is where I deviated from the recipe. I have made the mistake of using weak seafood broths in complicated dishes before. Complete waste of effort. So while I used all the shrimp shells as directed, I had bought head on shrimp, and I added the heads AND I had decided to use whole dungeness crab meat (it's crab season) for the sauce, so I threw in all the crab shells and guts including the tomalley. I also increased the onion to 1/2 an onion for the broth. The resulting broth was rich, and decadent. Perfect. <br/><br/>That was my only deviation from the recipe. Otherwise we followed it exactly, measuring everything (I rarely do this). I put it in the fridge overnight. <br/><br/>Then we made the rest of the dish tonight. By the time we dirtied the 4th pan, my husband was like "there is nothing that justifies this much work." and "we're never making this again." <br/><br/>Then he tasted it. <br/><br/>I still don't know if I can talk him into making it again. Now that we've made it once, I can make it again alone. He did say that "flying to Texas and going to the restaurant might be easier." But he really enjoyed it and admitted that it was a "10" as far as fish dishes go. <br/><br/>It is an exact match to the restaurant's recipe. And it IS worth the effort. Though I would make sure that you have hours for to spend in the kitchen before you decide to commit.

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Layla Rezvan November 30, 2014
Pappadeaux Snapper Ponchartrain